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Magestosa is a travel agency and tour operator specializing in national tours, dynamic packages (airplane + hotel), stays, religious tourism, senior tourism, cruises and bus rental. We opened activity in 2014, initially as a service company in national and international transportation of passengers and tours.

In view of our operational needs and market growth, we have opted to expand the activity with the opening of the travel agency, located in Corroios. We always value the customer and their needs. Be it individual or group, we try to offer the best alternatives of price and quality.

We have own schedule of excursions, throughout the year, in the country and abroad, by bus or by plane. In addition to the service at the agency, we have a permanent telephone service, so you can clarify questions or request support on your trip.

You can consult on our page the various services and products, make your reservations online benefitting from a faster response, or simply make your request by email (viajesmagestosa@gmail.com) or by phone (+351 218 007 457/ +351 919 118 472).

Consult us, we are at your disposal!
... because traveling is living!

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